Welcome to Client Services FAQ!

I have forgotten my CID! How do I recover my CID?

-Recover My CID

How to log in to my student email?

-Log on to Student Email

How to forward my Chaminade email?

Forward Student Email

How to log in to portal?

-Log on to portal

How to log in to Canvas?

-Log on to Canvas

How to log into multiple accounts in gMail?

-Adding multiple accounts to gMail

What software is on classroom computers?

-2018 Baseline Software List for Classrooms and Computer Labs

How long will it take for my password to be reset?

-Passwords may take up to 3 days to be reset

What is the username/password for Chaminade wireless?

-Username will be your CID (7 digits)

-Password will be the same as your portal password